The story of Repincelj

Traditional pannonian houses made of wood, mud and straw also known as »cimprače« are hard to find. But at the beginning of the 20th century they represented an important part of the cultural heritage of the farming population in Prekmurje.

My husband and I fell in love with Prekmurje when we visited a spa with our children during the holidays. In 2006 we bought an old cimprača with outbuildings in the village of Trnje that was falling apart. The oldest preserved part of the cimprača dates back to 1874. With love to cultural heritage we have renewed the homestead with the help of local craftsmen who are skilled in traditional construction processes. During the renovation, we preserved the authentic form of the homestead, and the purpose of the rooms was adapted to today's needs and way of life. We are aware of its invaluable cultural and ethnological values, which today represent a pleasant return to the past with a touch of cosiness.

With the renovation of outbuildings we transformed the auxiliary room into a guest room for 4 people. On the farm there is still an original wooden structure for keeping corn called »koruznjak«, next to which we arranged a small garden with flowers, herbs and REPINCELJ or corn salat which the guests can freely use. Behind the buildings is also a large orchar with native fruit trees. We also renovated a pig stall and transformed it into a workshop and a wooden shed which today serves as a storage for tools and machinery.

In the near future we intend to put up a sauna next to the studio.