Great hospitality, excellent food and drink, and unbelievable relaxation...

LAURA & SADHBH from Tourist Patrol

The story began in 1874 in Trnje.

Welcome "home" to Prekmurje

Treat yourself with some rest in the idyllic Prekmurje plain. Welcome to our traditional Prekmurje apartment house - "cimprača".

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Family studio

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We renovated an old farmhouse called »cimprača« built back in 1874 to offer you comfort, luxury and cosiness.

Discover the cosiness, warm-heartedness and hospitality of the Prekmurje region.

PThe brand new and stylishly furnished apartments are located in a quiet location in the village of Trnje, just a stone's throw from Murska Sobota.

Welcome to Trnje

Have you ever stayed in a "cimprača"?



The renovated old "cimprača" was built back in 1874.

Experience your own story of Prekmurje!

Sense the nature

Dežela štorkelj. The land of storks. Pomurje nature. It is real, within our grasp to fell it, listen to it and experience it. On such a small piece of land you will be embraced by three regional parks, the Ljutomer Ponds Regional Park– the Jeruzalem Hills (Krajinski park Ljutomerski ribniki – Jeruzalemske gorice), the Negova Regional Park (Krajinski park Negova) and the Goričko Regional Park (Krajinski park Goričko).

Discover the heritage

Visit ethnological museums, the old wooden cimprača cottages, craft workshops, folklore and traditional events that authentically illustrate the early past, the essence and the restless spirit of Prekmurje..

Have a taste of the local delicacies

Let the region of Prekmurje forever stay in your memory, especially for its cuisine or unique experiences. Each delicacy and recipe of our grandmothers and mothers has a special extra.

Be active

The picturesque flatland is perfect for easy walks, hiking, Nordic walking or jogging. More than 600 km of marked cycling trails await you in Pomurje.

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